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This is a custom sampire suit designed to achieve 55% Swing speed increase with town buff, 100% Damage increase, and a hefty amount of skill increase on top of all the normal mods you would expect from a King Greg sampire suit. 

**Some artifacts are shard bound. Check availability on your server before purchasing. 

Total Stats 
75/100/74/75/75 Resists Refined 
9 Mana Regeneration 
4 Hit Point Regeneration 
9 Stamina Regeneration 
30 Mana Increase
35 Stamina Increase 
48% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Damage Increase 
50% Swing Speed Increase (55% with town buff)
40% Hit Chance Increase (45 with weapon mastery 3)
15% Hit Chance Increase (20% With weapon mastery 3) 
+15 Parrying 
+15 Resisting Spells 
+5 Anatomy 
+10 NInjitsu 
+15 Skill of Choice 
+15 Skill of Choice 
20 Strength Bonus (25 Strength Bonus with weapon mastery 3) 
7 Intelligence Bonus 
26 Dexterity Bonus 
12% Damage Eater

Artifacts Included 
Serpent Skin Quiver 
Lord Morphius' Epaulettes 
Balron Bone Armor 
Solaria's Secret Poison 
Boots of Escaping 
Leggings of the Insane Tinker
Crimson Mace Belt
Enchantress cameo (Undead)


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