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Starter Imbuing Package

Starter Imbuing Package

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60,000 Magical Residue 
5,000 Enchanted Essence 
1,000 Relic Fragments

100 of the Following
Essence of Diligence 
Essence of Passion
Essence of Achievement
Essence of Persistence 
Essence of Feeling 
Essence of Balance
Essence of Precision
Essence of Direction
Essence of Singularity 
Essence of Order
Essence of Control 

Lava Serpent Crust 
Daemon Claw
Undying Flesh
Spider Carapace
Fey WIngs
Goblin Blood
Vial Of Vitriol
White Pearls

Luminescent Fungi 
Crystalline Blackrock
Chaga Mushrooms
Arcanic Runetstones 
Crushed Glass 
Bottle of Ichor
Seed of Renewal 
Silver Snake Skin 
Parasitic Plant
Reflective Wolf Eye
Raptor Teeth 
Faery Dust
Elven Fletching
Slith Tongue
Boura Pelts 
Crystal Shards
Void Orbs 
Brilliant Ambers
Blue Diamonds 
Fire Ruby 


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