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Budget 211 Abc Elf

Budget 211 Abc Elf

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Don't let the budget fool you, this suit has similar stats to my other 211 archer suits and is capable of doing end-game content. This is the suit that I would use if I were a returning player. 

*Elves Only. Ring into chat if you need one that works for a human. 

Total Stats 
Resists: 70/70/70/70/75 
4 Mana Regeneration 
4 Stamina Regeneration 
45 Mana Increase 
62 Samina Increase 
25 Hit Point Increase 
53% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Damage Increase 
20% Swing Speed Increase 
45% Hit Chance Increase 
2 Faster Cast Recovery 
+10 Anatomy 
+30 Bushido 
20 Strength Bonus 
2 Intelligence Bonus 
28 Dexterity Bonus 
15% Poison Eater 


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