Human PvM Sdi Mage Suit (Halo)

Human PvM Sdi Mage Suit (Halo)

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This suit was built to achieve high spell damage increase while maintaining balanced mods require for a pvm mage. Perfect for a tamer, pure mage, mystic, or hybrid this suit comes with +10 Eval, +15 Resist, and +10 Parrying.

Stats do not Include a book.

Ask For availability and pricing of Super Slayer Scrappers/Specific Slayer Scrappers

Starts for Full Suit Without Book equipped
20 Mana Regeneration 
2 Hit Point Regeneration 
1 Stamina Regeneration 
28 Mana Increase 
15 Hit Point Increase
40 Lower Mana Cost 
100% Lower Reagent Cost 
7% Casting Focus 
45% Defense Chance Increase 
104% Spell Damage Increase 
2 Faster Casting 
6 Faster Cast Recovery 
+10 Parrying 
+10 Evaluating Intelligence
+15 Resisting Spells 
15 Intelligence Bonus 
5 Dex Bonus
15 Poison Eater 
15% Reflect Physical Damage 


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