212 Paladin Fencer Archer

212 Paladin Fencer Archer

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This suit is designed for a Paladin Fencer Archer. It has just the right balance of stats to swing a composite bow at maximum speed, while also being able to use 4/6 casting while disarmed with town buff. 

*2 Artifacts used in this suit are shard bound. Ring into chat to double-check that these are available on your server before purchasing.

Total Stats 
17 Mana Regeneration 
2 Hit Point Regeneration 
10 Stamina Regeneration 
52 Mana Increase 
62 Stamina Increase 
25 Hit Point Increase 
55% Lower Mana Cost 
Night Sight 
70% Damage Increase 
20% Swing Speed Increase 
45% Hit Chance Increase 
40% Defense Chance Increase 
40% Spell Damage Increase 
3 Faster Casting (4 with town buff)
6 Faster Cast Recovery 
50% Enhance Potions 
+20 Fencing 
12 Strength Bonus 
16 Dexterity Bonus 
15% Poison Eater

Artifacts Used
Scholar's Halo 
Scabbard of Juo'Nar (Shard Bound)
Lord Morphius' Epaulettes (Shard Bound)
Shanty Waders
Jumu's Sacred Hide 
Artio's Vine Wrap 

Suggested Template 
100 Fencing 
120 Archery 
120 Chivalry 
120 Resist 
60 Tactics 
100 Anatomy 
100 Healing 

Suggested Stats with suit equipped 
120 Strength 
127 Dexterity 
41 Intellgence 

With Potions and Chivalry Mastery 3 
150 Strength 
150 Dexterity (Overcapped)
41 Intelligence 

150 Hp 
212 Stamina (Overcapped) 
108 Mana (Human) 



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