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3/17/14: New Open Times Posted Above. It's Eastern Standard Time, the times aren't set in stone sometimes we'll be online on offline hours and vice versa on average those will our hours.  If you see our live chat online then we are we'll be on to deliver your order.

12/28/13: We have added Google Translate to the website for anyone wanting to change the text into their language it is located right above the categories section.

12/17/13: Do you see product on Atlantic you want on your home server? Order $50 or more and we will transfer it it to your server free of charge! If its under $50 we will ask for a $10 transfer fee. Questions? Come to live chat!

12/09/13: Now offering custom suit making. Do you need a certain piece of armor created, a nice suit made. Join us in live chat and we can discuss the project and price!


                                     Welcome To UOGOLD!

To all of those for whom it's the first time you are learning about UOGOLD, we bid you welcome, and to any of those who have visited us in Ultima Online's 15 year history, welcome back.

What is UOGOLD?

We are a little known secret in the virtual world known as Ultima Online, where once we were the single source wholesale supplier to various UO websites, we now share our gold with everyone. Why buy from them, when you can buy direct from the source?

Why choose UOGOLD?

We can provide any amount of gold on any shard at any time. In addition we provide many other products and services. We realize you have options, and all we ask is contact us so we can help you make an informed decision. What do you have to lose, our advice is free, contact us today.

UoGold Delivery Times?

We are on 7 days a week. Normal business hours are 8am to 2am. But most weeks we are online 24/7. Your items will be delivered within 24 hours most the time within the hour. Please join us in Live Chat or add us to Icq if you want an exact estimation time for your delivery or if you have any questions. The delivery process is very fast, safe & painless.   

Membership Benefits?

Why should you take the time to become a member you may ask? Well let me tell you when signing up for a membership you get an instant 5% coupon sent to your mailbox! Members can also leave us testimonials and when we see you took the time to leave us feedback you will then recieve another 5% coupon! We also send out random coupons and deals for members around the holliday times. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time and plenty to gain!

Price Matching ?

We will match any legitimate and well known competing site in the market. We will also do our best to match any bonus's given that are offered from other websites. We are very confident that you'll be very pleased if you choose us, with our cheap prices, great service, and fast delivery you can't go wrong.

Gold Swapping?

Do you need your gold swapped from 1 server to another. We provide this service for a 15% fee, no amount to small or large. Come join us in live chat and let us know how we can help!

Atlantic Items ?

Yes most of our stock is over on the Atlantic Server. If you see items you want located on Atlantic and can make your order $50.00 USD or more, we will deliver those items to you for free to your server! If you can't spend as much, any order you have under $50.00 USD you can add an additional $10.00 transfer fee, and we will transfer to the server you want it on. Just come join us in live chat to discuss your options.

Monthly Specials For April

Hooded Robe Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn
Hooded Robe Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn
$50.00  $25.00
Save: 50% off
Epaulette Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn
Epaulette Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn
$50.00  $25.00
Save: 50% off
Any New Blackthorn Minax Artifact!
Any New Blackthorn Minax Artifact!
$50.00  $25.00
Save: 50% off
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